WG1 (correlation) meeting

Prague (Czech Republic)
Meeting: 6-8 February. 2017

WG1 (correlation) meeting in Prague, 6.-8. February 2017

We are organizing a working group meeting

Ab-initio correlated method in spectroscopy.

During this workshop we plan to discuss various aspects of the DMFT and GW approaches and their combinations, emphasizing the spectroscopy. In addition, a roadmap for a combined data exchange format for self energy and basis functions will be discussed. The workshop will be held in Prague, starting on Monday 6. February 2017 and finishing on Wednesday 8. February after the lunch. The organizers are Jan Minar (Munich), Claudia Draxl (Berlin) and Ondrej Sipr (Prague).

Confirmed invited speakers comprise Dmitrii Nabok, Lucia Reining, Francesco Sottile and Christian Vorwerk for the GW community, Silke Biermann, Jindrich Kolorenc, Jan Kunes, Igor di Marco and Jan Tomczak for the DMFT community, Martin Luders and Micael Oliveira will speak about the data exchange format, and Marco Grioni, Jan Honolka, Andrivo Rusydi and Vladimir Strocov will present experimental results which might be interesting for theoreticians involved in the field.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, please contact Jan Minar.

Link to the official home page: http://www.fzu.cz/~sipr/WG1