Group 4: Platform

Task of WG 4: Organize integration of codes on web site, cloud computing

WG Leader: Martin Lüders (UK), Deputy: Anton Kokalj (SL)

The platform is part of the Action webpage, i.e., accessible through a dedicated webpage. This WG will provide:

(1) a reference corpus containing theoretical courses on the spectroscopies and on the provided frameworks to describe them,
(2) a download area where each code will be accessible according to its licensing status,
(3) for each code, a wiki-like organized manual and a user’s forum,
(4) for some codes, a cloud computing utility allowing to run the code in a restricted configuration mode for testing before downloading the most appropriate one,
(5) the establishment of a  a data exchange interface such  that the different codes can interact easily whenever necessary and interchange e.g. potential files
(6) a critical assessment of the various methods and codes, with their limits of validity to help the user to decide which one is the most appropriate for the problem at hand,
(7) a Who’s Who database on spectroscopy that will provide information on the expertise (theoretical as well as experimental) of the people working in the field.